Tips for Decorating Cakes

Seeing those beautifully decorated cakes can be very fascinating and tempting at the same time. If you love cakes and you would like to create your own cake, you might think that it is quite intimidating but actually, it is not. You can create beautiful cakes as long as you know how to follow instructions and you have a strong passion.

Actually, you can choose to purchase it or create your own. If you are still a beginner, it is recommended to buy a simple shaped cake with a fine and soft surface. Do not choose cakes with complicated designs because you might find it difficult to decorate.

On the other hand, if you are already knowledgeable in baking then you can also just bake your own cake. Again, it is important to start with a simple cake so that it will not be too intimidating for you when you are decorating. After baking it, you might get too excited that you are tempted to immediately decorate the cake after taking it out of the oven. However, warm cakes are not recommended to immediately decorate because the decoration might just melt away. Instead, you have to let it cool down first before you apply the decorations. There are some professionals who would chill it to make it easier to decorate.

Aside from letting the cake cool down, you should also make sure that the it is free from bumps. The sides of the cake should be even and should be carefully trimmed. When you have finished it, you can already start decorating the cake.

You can apply icing on the cake to create a smooth surface and edges. Icing will also make the cake more appealing and beautiful. You can choose a single colored icing or dual colored icing depending on your preference.

Once icing is applied to the cake, you can choose from among the several cake toppers. These toppers can be purchased at bake shops or specialty stores. If you would like the cake to be personalized, you can also place writings on it using the decorating bag with a writing tip. When you use the writing bag, it is important to move your entire arm and not just your wrist but lightly touch the cake.

Toppings like chocolates will never go old. It is an all time favorite together with the jellies, chocolate marbles, peanuts and malted milk balls. You may also add fruits as toppings, like cloves of orange, apple or lemon.

Mix the simple decorations with elegant decorations. Add these to put more beauty in the cake. Push it to the limit. Though mixing all kinds of decorations is a no-no, you can always add more as long as it does not look like exaggerated yet.

Cakes are wonderful for decorating because they can be shaped and molded into almost anything. For example, a child just getting their license to drive could be greeted by a cake shaped and decorated to look like a car. A person graduating from school might be greeted with a cake that is designed to look like a little school building. There are just so many ways that you can go with cake decorating that sometimes it can be hard making up your mind as to how to decorate it.